Alan's Stance on the Issues

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Principled leadership

  • Lead through respectful discourse
  • Reject favor-based voting and earmarks
  • Eliminate General Assembly retirement plans
    • State Legislators are part time employees.  No part time employee in the private sector expects a pension, let alone such a lavish one

Individual life, liberty, and private property

  • Simplify most state regulation
    • Insurance
    • Licensing
    • Agriculture
  • Defend states’ rights granted in the Tenth Amendment
    • Oppose federal government overreaches including:
      • Gun control
      • Obamacare
        • We need to shut down the Kentucky Healthcare Exchange
      • EPA
      • FDA
      • Medicaid
      • EMTALA, which requires hospitals to provide care for emergencies
      • Department of Education
  • Fully protect the life of the unborn (100% pro-life)

Personal responsibility

  • Convert unsustainable government worker pensions to a portable and profitable 401k plan
  • Reduce government dependence
  • Eliminate the state income tax
  • Rewrite labor laws to protect property rights
  • Eliminate pork projects that bring money to one county over and from another


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